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Introducing Masterbrick

The Datacake Masterbrick is a low-code wireless hardware platform for the Internet of Things. It comes with sensors and interfaces for capturing or controlling circuits.

At the beginning of the year I already reported about the Datacake Masterbrick. That time as an early prototype. Read here:

Now the time has come. The first Masterbricks produced in series are now available. Time to write about it again.

With the Masterbrick platform, entire IoT projects can be implemented in just a few steps and completely without typical programming.

Core of the Masterbrick is the E Series module.

The company Tinkerforge from Germany is manufacturer of a modular system for electronics. The core of its product portfolio is a modular system consisting of so-called brick and bricklets. The Masterbrick adapts this system and offers:

If you want to know more about Tinkerforge:

The E Series module comes with intelligent power management. The Masterbrick takes advantage of this and offers the following features:

IoT also often requires that measured values be recorded at locations where there is no infrastructure for both electricity and the Internet.

Unused interfaces or important elements are routed to the outside via an extension header on the master brick. The reason for this is the idea that for integration into a series product, the masterbrick must have a certain openness so that our customers can adapt the hardware to the place of use.

Neither programming nor IT skills are required for installing the Masterbrick. It is not necessary to write a special program or to connect the masterbrick to the computer in advance.

The Masterbrick takes advantage of our Datacake low-code IoT cloud platform.

The Tinkerforge system provides sensor modules to monitor air quality, including:

Particulate Matter and Air Quality (Bricklets)

Also included in the Tinkerforge Bricklet kit are a handful of modules specifically designed to capture and control industrial things, including:

The Masterbrick will be available in a few weeks and will cost about $150. The prices for the bricklets range from 15€ (for digital interfaces) to 90€ (for CO2).

If you compare this with a Raspberry Pi solution, then you have to calculate here:

Advantage over a Raspberry Pi or Arduino solution:

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