Expansion of Musical Education

I made a Treble Clef print a few weeks back, don’t remember if i posted that. But I was thinking, what if I worked with the spectrum of musical notes? Bass Clef, quarter notes, half, whole. It’d be…


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Sega Genesis Taking on Nintendo

The new Genesis is priced at $79.99


Sega is releasing one of the best retro consoles at $79.99 on September 19th. They are trying to undo a decade of damage they had caused by not listening to their customers with their poorly made consoles. Is this enough to drive the sales and get their reputation back?


As the name suggests, Sega Genesis Mini is a gaming console that brings back the old popular Sega games. With this release, they now compete directly with Nintendo with a fresh, authentic hardware design and a game library that is well selected. Also, the emulation is taken over by Japanese game developer M2 who has achieved the goal of making the games look more realistic. They offer to save states, a feature that allows one to save the game while in progress. Besides, it is possible to view in 16:9 aspect ratio and CRT “scanline”. To fill up the display they provide 3 options: black background, retro style background and sonic-themed background.

Coming to the hardware, the device is powered by a micro-USB port and graphic signals are transferred over HDMI cables. The $79.99 package comes with a dual, three-button controller, a USB cable and two USB ports. The build quality is good but there is room for improvements, for example, volume dial and cartridge flaps are nothing but a showy thing. The soundtracks by Yuzo Koshiro are definitely pleasant to listen but the User Interface is not as good as Nintendo’s offerings.


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